With over thirty years' experience in the fields of interior design and architecture, Holly and her team bring extensive knowledge to each residential and commercial project. 


Holly Hulburd

Holly Hulburd is Founder and Principal of Hulburd Design. Holly was raised in New England and studied architecture at the University of Pennsylvania. For a number of years, Holly was a professional weaver, designing and producing one-of-a-kind modern textile pieces alongside practicing and teaching design. In 1979, Holly relocated from the East Coast to San Francisco and in 1983 founded Holly Hulburd Design, Inc.

“Holly is a designer with a powerful combination of academic and creative training … applying the principles of structure, pattern, texture, simplicity and coherence, [she] creates custom residential architecture and interior environments that are warm, intelligent spaces with a distinct modern aesthetic.

 “Honoring the architect-client relationship, Holly’s well-informed clientele have become lifelong friends, which is an immeasurable reward for following her life’s passion.”  

Extraordinary Homes California, published by Brian G. Carabet and John A. Shand, 2008